European holding
uniting 15+ companies.
Founded in 2017
We are partners of world brands.
We create products and services that people need.
We find edgy sectors with sustainable development.
We show overgrowth
even during a pandemic.
Our turnover for the last year.
Employees of the holding officially placed in a job in the EU.
The vehicle fleet was increased up to 33 trucks.
We opened two new logistics bases.
We have grown 8 times during the pandemic.
The dynamics of development was
reached due to the brilliant decisions of the team.
Super successful algorithm for working with counterparties.
Renewable ways of selling products and services.
Powerful process control systems.
Reliable brands.
Continuous dynamics
Social benefits of
a clean and fair business.
Our work is transparent and white.
We support the development of successful businesses in the EU.
We create legal jobs in the EU.
"Everything that we have done today, —
we will pass on to the children tomorrow."
Family Holding
  • Sergey Redko

    Shareholder of 12+ companies, member of the board of directors in 11 countries, entrepreneur, visionary, investor.

  • Elena Zaverukha

    Co-owner of a number of companies, founder of the Fenix ​​Fundacia charitable foundation.
  • Viktoriya Redko
    F1 HOLDING Vice President

    Shareholder of "Realizator",

    Lawyer, business developer.

technologies every day.
Unique team development system.
Digital dashboard on business performance for projects and partners.
We are creating the IT revolution "Mobile carriers".
Software for calculating employee teams and recording their working hours across the EU.
New logistics control system.
HR system for recruiting with an automated communication and employment process.
Flexibility in strategies.
We respond quickly to problem analysis.
We conduct research.
We deeply analyze the needs of the market.
We save the environment.
Thanks to the fund, we help migrants.
We supply electric vehicles to Amazon.
New machines for environmental standards.
Scale your business performance with us.
15+ companies
The partnership offer is ideal for: entrepreneurs and investors, partners, contractors, potential projects, state institutions, etc.
We invest in promising partner businesses.
We adapt to the specifics of the existing partner business.
We use the infrastructure and best practice communications to support our partners.
We insure and provıde our backup in risky situations.
We provide loyal partnership conditions.
We provide loyal partnership conditions.
We synchronize the missions of the partner business and the holding.
We use convenient reporting to track growth dynamics.
We respect the intellectual elaboration and value our partnerships.
Choosing the best type of the business model to get more results.
We invest resources: time, contractors, people, contracts, etc.
Holding certificates.
Offices and working groups.
We are represented in major world cities.
Our headquarter is situated in Poland:
Al. Jana Pawla II, 80.
The client can order transportation on the digital platform, just by pressing a button on the phone.