Lear Corporation plant – wiring for Land Rover, Jaguar. The robot does all the main work, you just need to check the parts for serviceability and quality. Accommodation is within walking distance. There are separate rooms for couples.
  • for whom: women/men/couples
  • Country: Poland (Mielec)
  • term: at least 2 months
  • accommodation: 400 PLN
  • documents: biometric passport

Detailed description of the salary opportunity:
the first 3 months – 17.92 PLN brutto per month,
after 3 months – 18.87 PLN brutto per month
night shifts: surcharge +20%.
over-hours: + 50%,
Saturday and Sunday +100%.
monthly bonus: 300 zł.
quarterly premium: 500 zł brutto.

For whom: women

Work type: Factory/Store

Country: Poland

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